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LG 55.55T16.C02/55.55T16.C04 T-Con Board


  • SKU: 55.55T16.C02
  • Warranty: 30-Day Warranty
  • Part Type: T-Con Board, LCD Controller, Control Board, CTRL Board, Timing Control
  • Part Number: 55.55T16.C02
  • Board Number(s): T550HVN06.1, 55T16-C05
  • Panel Sticker Number: T550HVF04.2
  • Panel Manufacturer: AU Optronics
  • Brands: Element, Lg, Westinghouse
  • Important Message: Part number 55.55T16.C02 or 55.55T16.C04 can be found on barcode sticker on back of boardIMPORTANT: Horizontal lines on the screen are virtually NEVER caused by a bad T-con board. Horizontal lines indicate a defective LCD panel (screen).
  • TV Part Types: T-Con
  • TV Models:
    55LB5900-UV BUSDLJR
    55LB6100-UG BUSDLJR
    DWM55F1G1 TW-78907-S055F
    DWM55F1G1 TW-78910-A055J
  • Location: NB4 RH

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